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Learning the letterpress technique on beautiful papeR

Red and white are the colours of Fedrigoni’s stationery.

But red and white are also the colours of the Japanese flag. That’s why they become a support for remembering its recent tragedy. The narration begins with the transparency effect of the envelope, which allows to formulate a cry for help in a modern message in a bottle. Opening the envelope, there’s a tangible reproduction of the earthwake thanks to an exploding pop up, which decompose the japanese sun.
But there’s hope: two swallow birds are flying over the word “japan”, written with the Fluidum Font by Novarese.

Project of Silvia Ballerini, Marta Croce, Sophie Parker, Maria Luisa Bertazzoni, Gaia Barison developed during the workshop PAPERTYPE, organized by Politecnico di Milano and sponsored by Fedrigoni.





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